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WB-296 set of 2 primeur PLM Type I/II Ep. III-A REE HO 1/87

Sales price: 66,25 €
Sales price without tax: 55,21 €

WB-220 set of 2 OCEM short Tank car SHELL Ep.III REE HO 1/87

Sales price: 66,25 €
Sales price without tax: 55,21 €

WB-312 Set (3 per box) of 3-bay citerne ANF epoque IV TOTAL REE HO 1/87

Sales price: 127,15 €
Sales price without tax: 105,96 €

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HJ 2123 Steam locomotive SNCF 141 P 2-8-2 Argentan livery + tender DCC RDY HO 1/87

Sales price: 262,80 €
Sales price without tax: 219,00 €

HN 6103 Freight Car Tank RENFE brown livery N 1/160

Sales price: 29,12 €
Sales price without tax: 24,27 €

HN 6193 4-axle open wagon Gondola car SNCF type Eaos SGW N 1/160

Sales price: 26,44 €
Sales price without tax: 22,03 €
  • CC 21003 / 04 electric locomotives of the SNCF

    Delivered just before Christmas, these French electric tractions are two perfect machines made for an intense service. The model CC21003 is Bordeaux and stainless color, the other model is concrete color and Bordeaux.It fills an important void for...


  • Discover Modelbex and their brass models

    Modelbex is a trade mark of Lematec Prestige Models SA.Lematec, named Lemaco Prestige Models until 2006, is well known since 25 years in the high quality, high range prestige model trains world. The company acquired a special reputation thanks to...


  • FMFF awards 2011: Hornby France / Jouef obtains 3 awards

    Hornby France has been awarded by the "Fédération Française de Modélisme Férroviaire”  (French railroad modelers organization) for several Jouef models produced in 2011.During the last toy exhibition 2011, Jouef has obtained 3 prices for the “Model of the...


  • JOUEF CC 72000 limited edition with sound

    Jouef released a new version of CC 72000 series for its 20th anniversary.Very nice detail, original cab number and painting. This version offers 5 different models.The standard version is delivered on  DC analogiq / DCC Ready (NEM 652),The -S...


  • SNCF steam locomotive 150C 2-10-0 by Jouef

    Jouef propose this French machine with Prussian origin.This model came out in 1945, its level of details and quality is impressive.The divers tubbings are very fineness and from an uncommon rigour. Globally this machine is beautiful; Jouef shows...


  • TGV La Poste coming soon !! pre order now

    Jouef announced the new release of the High speed Train in French post office Version. Discover the new "TGV la Poste" and add more fun on your layout with this very special train. You can preorder this product now, delivery is planned at the end of...